iPOS is a software company for restaurants and services, founded in 2009 with the goal of offering the market an innovative commercial product created to the highest standards of quality and effectively addressing the most pressing business problems. The company iPOS does not stop and constantly develops and improves its development.

Currently iPOS is successfully used in many restaurants, restaurant chains and trade shops in Israel and in the countries of the world.

What makes iPOS different from other restaurant automation system

iPOS is a convenient and reliable solution that is used by institutions: from cafes, fast food to gourmet restaurants and also bars, nightclubs, billiard, clothing stores, supermarkets, hotels.

Operational Experience

iPOS specializes in the development of software for managing and synchronizing information in retail enterprises and offers software solutions developed on the basis of many years of experience.

Restaurant Management

iPos is a unified system for managing sales, warehouse, kitchen, delivery, staff, finances, suppliers, loyalty of guests - all processes in the restaurant.

Online Mode

All data is processed in a single system, information on revenue, cost, stock balances, as well as financial reports and all employee activities are visible in real time.

Try iPOS and you'll be surprised that you once could work differently!